Thursday, September 6, 2012

"The Symphony of Life is the rhythm of God's consciousness surging through you, and it knows no limitations of thought or doctrine. Attune yourself and join the Cosmic Choir. Time will make you a master musician in the Great Orchestra and you will find Health, Happiness, and Cosmic Power flowing into your being as your song flows outwardly into the Infinite Space of Universal Consciousness." Harvey Spencer Lewis.
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The universe is a mental creation of God that goes along with the infinite nature of God. Peace is total transcendence. Bliss is an untouchable happiness. When we transcend all illusions of the material world, we are in a state of peace where we can manifest anything we want. When we have no attachments, we have a happiness that cannot go. Visit https//sites.google.com/site/olayinkaoyelamiorder Learn how to create your own world of Love, Peace and happines. Visit  https://sites.google.com/site/olayinkaoyelamiorder for more information

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